VCIIP Development

VCIIP Vision

Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park vision

– to mobilize investors developing innovative activities in the Park, in order to create conditions promoting the growth of innovative companies by reducing the costs of new product development and commercialization, using the resources necessary for the innovation, the value chain network, and the opportunities given by science and business clusters.


Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park goal

VCIIP aims to strengthen Lithuanian innovation system and excel high-tech competitiveness by creating a functional R&D infrastructure and communications, thus increasing the attractiveness of the Park for foreign investment and innovative companies.


VCIIP development goals:

  1. To mobilize resources for innovation
  2. To create a value chain network
  3. To cluster science and business
  4. To develop park operator’s functions

Results to be achieved by the end of 2022:


Reach investment value of 7,253,362.


Establish 6 clusters.


Create 1000 job openings.


Attract 20 innovative SMEs.


Establish 2 research and study institutions or their branches.


Build 2,000 sq. m. business incubator.


Prepare and equip 3 ha and 1,000 sq. m. of public spaces.


Develop 2-3 new innovative products, technologies or obtain patents in line with the international level.

The territory is developed on the basis of the development strategy of the Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park for 2016-2022.