Place in the city

VCIIP is located in Vilnius city, 30 minutes from the old town, railway and bus stations, and the international airport. Nearby are two of the best Lithuanian universities and their campuses, three science centres, as well as two science and technology parks.

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  • Nearest public transport stops
  • Possible routes from Vilnius International Airport to VCIIP
  • Highways and European network roads
  • Railway network
Location map

VCIIP Territory

24 ha VCIIP territory is surrounded by national forests and already has a fully developed infrastructure.

  • Subleased lands
  • Operator of VCIIP
  • Land for long-term sublease
  • State forest / Public areas
  • Streets
  • Planned streets
  • Forests / Residential areas

Existing infrastructure,
Infrastructure capacity

  • Gas pipeline

    up to 600 m3/h

  • Electricity

    up to 12 MW

  • Water supply

    up to 48,5 m3/h

  • Effluent

    up to 48,5 m3/h

  • Telecommunications

    Up to 600 Mb/s

  • Building intensity factor


  • Height of buildings

    up to 12 metres (up to three floors)