Selection criteria

Potential investors are:

  1. Legal entities carrying out R&D (except research and study institutions)
  2. Research and study institutions

Possible projects to be developed at VCIIP:

  1. General infrastructure development initiative
  2. Clustering development project
  3. Technological and public service development

Investors are subject to the investor selection criteria.

Investor selection criteria


Candidate selection process*:

  1. Submission of application according to the chosen participation model.
  2. Evaluation and selection of applications: applications are evaluated at the meeting of the Supervisory Expert Group** according to the investor selection criteria.
  3. Investors’ applications shall be approved or rejected by decision of the Supervisory Expert Group. In case of approval, an individual establishment fee*** is set for each investor. Priority is given to general infrastructure development initiatives.
  4. Supervisory Experts Group is informed about the essential provisions of the contract.
  5. Signing of the establishment agreement, the real estate purchase agreement, and the state land sublease agreement, defining the development conditions of the selected part of the Park and the assigned development indicators of the Park.


*The selection of candidates is carried out in accordance with the description of the conditions for the development of the territory of VCIIP, approved on the 8th of June, 2021, minutes of the Supervisory Expert Group no. 15.

**Supervisory Expert Group was formed and approved on the 25th of April, 2024, by the order of Vilnius City Municipality administration, no. 30-1004/24.

***The fee of establishment is determined in accordance with the procedure for establishment of the fee, approved on the 30th of April, 2021, minutes of the meeting no. 14.

Supervisory Expert Group

The supervision, development and strategic management of VCIIP activities are performed by the Supervisory Expert Group:

  1. Director of the Northtown Vilnius, Chairman of the Supervision Expert Group dr. Gediminas Pauliukevičius
  2. Agnė Šataitė, Head of the Public-Private Partnership division of the Vilnius City Municipality administration
  3. Lina Koriznienė, Head of the Human Resources of Vilnius City Municipality Administration
  4. Gina Jaugielavičienė, Head of the Economic Development Group of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania
  5. Julija Lukaitytė, Life Sciences Team manager at Invest Lithuania
  6. Mangirdas Šapranauskas, Head of Business Department at Go Vilnius

Competencies of the Supervisory Experts Group:

  1. To supervise the implementation of the park performance indicators within the set deadlines, examine reasons for the delay in the implementation of the park performance indicators and the possible ways to eliminate them.
  2. To consider and submit proposals to the Park Operator regarding the Park development strategy to ensure more efficient implementation of the park performance indicators.
  3. Evaluate the investors wishing to settle in the Park according to the selection criteria and make final decisions regarding the permission to settle.

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