Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park

  • Chosen by leaders for business development

  • Fully developed infrastructure

  • Sustainable growth in the innovators community

  • More than 1000 job openings

  • Specialized Life sciences incubator

  • Synergy of science and business

  • Support for innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Investors

  • City

  • State


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Innovative business development in the Lithuanian capital


Innovative business development in the Lithuanian capital

Vilnius City Innovation Industrial Park is the first and only industrial park in the capital of Lithuania, dedicated exclusively to the development of innovative business.

24 ha VCIIP territory is surrounded by national forests and already has a fully developed infrastructure. It is dedicated to Lithuanian and foreign companies that want to build research centres, laboratories or factories, as well as to business and science collaboration; nearby are some of the best universities in Lithuania, as well as main science centres.

In 2015, VCIIP was granted the status of a national importance economic project.


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The obvious reasons to apply

VCIIP advantages

VCIIP has been in operation since August, 2018.

Already reached results

  • Investment attracted

    € 73991311

    New job openings


  • Clusters


  • Companies established


Technology Development Centre


Technology Development Centre

By the 2025 III quarter, a specialized Technology Development Center will be built at VCIIP, offering unique laboratory facilities specialized for the life sciences.

It is expected that life sciences companies will be located in the premises of the Technology Development Center, also – open access centers will operate here, the infrastructure and services of which will be available not only to VCIIP TDC residents, but also to other innovative companies.


Life Sciences Digital Innovation Hub (LS DIH Lithuania) Cluster is a platform for business-research partnership, dedicated to fostering digital innovation in the life sciences, bringing together research, business and public sector institutions and organizations.


Industrial Park Plan

  • Subleased lands
  • Operator of VCIIP
  • VCIIP operator‘s Science and Business Incubator (until the end of 2022)
  • Land for long-term sublease
  • State forest / Public areas
  • Streets
  • Planned streets
  • Forests / Residential areas
  • Reserved lands


Customers and partners’ comments

Why have they chosen VCIIP, what about Vilnius appeals to innovative companies, and why establishing at VCIIP is a smart decision for every innovative company? Our customers and partners can answer best:


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